Canada Will Issue Bird Stamps in August

Five birds, four of them in flight and a waterfowl species in the water, appear on Canada Post’s latest Birds of Canada stamps, which will be issued August 1.

The birds are shown attractively together on the same souvenir sheet with portion of each appearing beyond the perforations of each vertically oriented permanent (first-class domestic) stamp.

This is the second of a planned three-year series. A similarly designed group issued last year featured the Atlantic puffin and common raven among others.

The birds featured from five sections of Canada. Two birds appear along the top of the pane, two across the middle and a single species at the bottom. Shown at the top are, from left, the blue jay, from Prince Edward Island, and the gyrfalcon, from Northwest Territories; the great gray owl, from Manitoba, and the osprey, from Nova Scotia; and the common loon, from Ontario. The top two rows show single birds in flight; at the bottom is an adult loon at rest in the water with two chicks.

All text is, as usual on Canadian stamps, in English and French.

The stamps were unveiled May 26 at the annual convention of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

Credited designers, the same as the 2016 set, are Kosta Tsetsekas, Adrian Horvath, and Mike Savage, of Signals with illustration by Keith Martin. The stamps are being printed by Canadian Bank Note.

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