Marshall Islands Unveils Designs
Honoring Stamp Artist Paul Calle

The Marshall Islands will issue a pane of 20 stamps depicting the artwork of stamp artist Paul Calle.

The pane of 49-cent stamps will be issued August 4 at APS StampShow in Richmond, Virginia.

Calle (1928–2010), a native of Manhattan and longtime resident of Connecticut, designed 40 stamps for the United States, plus stamps for Marshall Islands, the Sweden, and the United Nations.

In 1962, Calle was among the first group selected to participate in the NASA Art Program, which saw artists memorialize space accomplishments through art. Among his U.S. stamps are the Gemini of 1967 and the 1969 First Man on the Moon airmail issues.

The stamps are, from left, by row: Top – (from left) Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp,” Grand Canyon, Harry Truman and the United Nations, The First Step of Man on the Moon, and 1950s Sporty Cars;

Second – Navajo Indian Portrait, The Vietnam War, In Remembrance of September 11, 2001, The Quest for a Better Future, Lindbergh Flight;

Third – Jets Shrink Time and Distance, Computer Age Dawns, Scientists Probe Secrets of Life, Franklin Roosevelt New Deal, and Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial;

Bottom – Pioneer 10, 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, First Vote, Streamlined Design Symbolizes Bright Future, and Kennedy’s Dream of Man on the Moon.

4 thoughts on “Marshall Islands Unveils Designs
Honoring Stamp Artist Paul Calle”

  1. you mention that Calle “designed 40 stamps for the United States, plus stamps for …” others … can you tell me how many of his designs appeared on issues of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands?

    1. The Marshall Islands issued a pane of twenty 49¢ stamps honoring stamp artist Paul Calle (1928–2010), depicting the artwork of both Paul Calle and his son Chris Calle (1961- ) on August 4th at the APS StampShow. Best known for their designs commemorating our space achievements, Paul’s designs appeared on 40 U.S. stamps, including the first manned moon landing issued September 9, 1969 (Scott no. C76); and Chris’ designs have appeared on more than 30 U.S. stamps, including the $2.40 priority mail stamp design (Scott no. 2419) of 1989. In 1994 Paul and Chris jointly designed two U.S. stamps commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Apollo XI moon landing, the 29c commemorative stamp (Scott no. 2841) and the $9.95 express mail stamp (Scott no. 2842).
      Their designs also appeared on dozens of other stamps issued by the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Sweden, and the United Nations. Paul and Chris collaborated on the design of over 200 stamps for the Marshall Islands from 1989 to 2006. Chris’ individual artwork has appeared on more than 140 additional stamps for the Marshall Islands.

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