Stamp Madness Round Two Starts

The public has chosen and Round 2 of 2017 Stamp Madness has begun.

Not surprisingly, the two contestants from the United States — the 1962 Mercury space capsule and 1964 World’s Fair stamps — remain in the running, as do stamps from Japan, India, New Zealand, Canada, Greece, and Laos.

The winners of this round will advance to the first Final Four in the American Philatelic Society’s inaugural contest. Lucky entrants from our Preview contest and from the championship round will win some fun philatelic prizes.

Round 1 victors included two stamps each from the Americas: United States’ World’s Fair and Canada Eastern Farm; and from the Afro-India Division: Greece’s Grapes and Bread and India’s Taj Mahal.

Shockingly, no stamps from Europe survived Round 1 and all four survivors come from the Pacific Division: the Elephant from Laos; New Zealand’s Southern Alps and Chapel; the U.S. Project Mercury; and Suigo Quasi-National Park from Japan.

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