PayPal Now Accepted At

Customers can now use PayPal when purchasing items through the American Philatelic Society website.

PayPal service is available for purchases from StampStore and APS specialty items, including books, souvenirs, and other merchandise.

There are currently more than 300,000 stamps and covers for sale on StampStore. More than 60 books, plus DVDs, neckties, polo shorts, hobby supplies, and event souvenirs are sold through the APS Specialty Shop.

3 thoughts on “PayPal Now Accepted At”

    1. There is no charge for registration for the show. If it is an item you can add to your shopping cart at, like a souvenir, stamp store purchase, etc., you can use PayPal through the normal checkout process. If you have further questions, feel free to call us at 814-933-3803.

  1. Accepting PayPal at your Stamp Store and for Circuit Sales is a smart step. I’m a mid-level collector and buy most of my stamps through Ebay, where I also sell material that I don’t want. I’ll now be a lot more likely to spend some of my PayPal funds on APS offerings.

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