December 2016 American Philatelist Available Online

December 2016 American Philatelist.
December 2016 American Philatelist.

The December issue of The American Philatelist is now online for members to view. Here are some of the highlights:

The Art of Expertizing by Mercer Bristow. Starting with seven candidates, the American Philatelic Society’s on-staff expertizer takes us through the process to determine whether a classic stamp from an old German state is the real deal.

Seeking Another Philatelic Quest? by Peter Elias. Most collectors in the United States are somewhat in the dark when it comes to some modern European specialties. The author reviews the popularity and varieties of Spanish thermal ATM stamps.

Curious Aberration on Indonesian Covers by Mardjohan “John” Hardjasudarma. Indonesia’s legacy of first-day covers includes some unofficial back-side first-day cancellations of older stamps.

Featured Columns
Collecting Coast to Coast. Unofficial, but Very Interesting by Wayne L. Youngblood. A look at some more interesting private auxiliary markings — Pink Lady Volunteers, Disney, Black Diamond Steamship — on covers.

Cataloging U.S. Stamps: George Eastman (Scott 1062) by Charles Posner. George Eastman wasn’t included in the original set of Famous Americans stamps issued in 1940, but the father of modern photography was among the additional Americans honored when his stamp was issued in 1954.

Visiting the British Empire. Malta by Noel Davenhill. Malta, a small island country in the Mediterranean, produced an interesting variety of stamps from the 19th century into the 1960s.

Books and Catalogs by Jeff Stage. A new book presents the history of the U.S. postal service; a new movie tells the story of the U.S. Federal Duck stamp.

Worldwide in a Nutshell. Albania by Bob Lamb. Looking closely at the inscriptions on Albanian stamps help tell in which era they were issued.

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