October 2016 American Philatelist Available Online

October 2016 The American Philatelist
October 2016 The American Philatelist
October 2016 The American Philatelist.

The October issue of The American Philatelist is now online for members to view.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Culture of Stamps by Thomas Broadhead. Our beloved bits of tiny paper say much about our connections to nature, the cosmos, spirituality, and each other.

The Power of One in Stamp Collecting by Thomas Horn. With some time and effort, an older collector spawns the interest and imagination of a young collector through a series of special letters.

It’s Time to Enhance the Collecting Experience by Cheryl Ganz. The hobby should take advantage of our rich resources and focus on making solid connections among collectors, objects (stamps and covers), fields of study (history, geography, and science), and other interests.

Collecting Coast to Coast. Amuse Yourself by Wayne L. Youngblood. Following your own rules, not to mention your whimsy, allows you to create fun collections based on your interests.

Cataloging U.S. Stamps: Trucking Industry (Scott 1025) by Charles Posner. A late design change removed a truck driver’s wave to ensure a more safety-conscious look for the 1953 Trucking Industry commemorative.

Worldwide in a Nutshell. Czech Republic by Bob Lamb. This central European region was bounced among its neighbors before coming together in the aftermath of World War I.

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