APS Donates 500,000 Stamps
to Holocaust Art Project

One of the framed versions of artwork that was created.

The American Philatelic Society donated 500,000 used stamps earlier this month to help a school in its Holocaust remembrance project.

The Foxborough Regional Charter School of Massachusetts started the project in 2009 with the goal of creating artwork dedicated to the 11 million people who died during the Holocaust.

The 16 boxes of stamps donated by the APS.

Charlotte Sheer, a retired teacher from the charter school and founder of the stamps project, told a reporter at the Wicked Foxborough website that the stamp tally was at 9,422,168. APS Executive Director Scott English delivered 16 boxes of stamps to the school, raising the total to close to 10 million.

Wicked Foxborough reported that Sheer started the Holocaust Stamps Project in 2009 to educate children about the Holocaust. The goal is to collect 11 million stamps to represent the all the victims whose lives were lost.

Bins of stamps for future projects.

Collected stamps are being turned into pieces of art reflecting the history of the Holocaust.

“Countless lessons in history, tolerance, acceptance and the importance of respecting differences evolve from the project,” Sheer said.

“We took advantage of the proximity of the school to the Philatelic Show in Boxborough to deliver stamps on behalf of the APS membership who have donated so generously over the years for youth education,” English said.

To date, the project has received donations from 43 of the 50 U.S. states. States yet to send donations are: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

For more information, visit their website at  www.foxboroughrcs.org/students-families/frcs-holocaust-stamp-project.

One thought on “APS Donates 500,000 Stamps
to Holocaust Art Project”

  1. Thank you to Scott D. English and all members (and donors to) the American Philatelic Society for the generous gift of 500,000 stamps to the Holocaust Stamps Project.
    Although I’ve retired from the fulltime classroom, I remain a passionate volunteer with this important Community Service Learning initiative at the kindergarten to grade 12 Foxborough Regional Charter School (Foxboro, MA).
    In addition to the Project’s website, current updates may be found at https://www.Facebook.com/HSPfounder

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