Canada 150’s First Maple-Shaped Stamp Shows Expo 67 Habitat

An exhibit from Expo 67 — a world’s fair held in 1967 in Montreal, Quebec with a theme of Man and His World — will appear on a new stamp that is part of Canada Post’s 10-stamp sesquicentennial set to be issued June 1.

This is the first stamp unveiled in the set that will be in the shape of maple leafs, Canada’s national symbol, and issued in various formats on June 1. Among those on hand today for the unveiling was Habitat’s architect, Moshie Safdie.

The stamp was unveiled today in a ceremony at the honeycomb-like Habitat 67, simply known today as Habitat, which was originally created as an exhibit for Expo 67. Sixty nations participated and more than 50 million visitors attended Expo 67 from April through October 1967.

Safdie, a graduate of McGill University, wished a happy birthday to Expo 67, Canada, and Montreal during his remarks at the unveiling ceremony.

He noted how the Expo was an “extraordinary cultural event and economic success” in a moment of “optimism and idealism” in Canada. He noted how Habitat was a “radical and controversial” idea, but thanked three branches of government that helped make it a success.

Habitat was conceived as a model community and housing complex by Israeli-Canadian architect Safdie. With its 354 identical open-air interlocking units and terraces some reaching as high as 12 stories, Habitat is an architectural landmark in Montreal. Originally created as 354 identical apartments, the structure today has 146 residences.

Several notable Canadians are helping to unveil the stamp subjects, all celebrating the most significant moments in the life of the country since it marked its centennial in 1967.

Distinguished Canadians, including a country music star, a world-renowned architect, successful business leaders, influential community activists, legendary athletes, and an astronaut will help unveil the stamp designs over the next five weeks at separate locations chosen to illustrate the story behind the achievement, event or milestone that the stamp commemorates.

The remainder will be revealed separately over five weeks, culminating with the unveiling of two stamps on June 1. On that day, all 10 Permanent domestic-rate stamps will be available in various formats — at post offices and online, via mail order or phone. Customers can also order in advance at or by phone.

With each stamp unveiling, videos with these notable Canadians, other key participants and archival footage will tell the story of that stamp subject on the website.

A total of 10 stamps will be issued at nine unveilings between April 27 and June 1 as part of Canada Post’s Canada 150 program.

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