February 2017 American Philatelist Available Online

The February issue of The American Philatelist is now online for APS members to view. Here are some of the highlights:

Silver Fever! by Michael Mahler. A short-lived hunt in Nevada for precious metals — especially silver — helped create some fascinating documents and philatelic gems in the form of revenue stamps.

A Mystery at Geestemünde by Lawrence R. Mead. How did British stamps from an island in the North Sea end up with cancellations applied at a German dock?
AmeriStamp Expo Your guide to this year’s American Philatelic Society’s convention and winter show in Reno, Nevada, where a charitable cause will share the spotlight.

Featured Columns
Collecting Coast to Coast. A Philatelic Fracas by Wayne L. Youngblood. A look back at James C. Jay, a much-maligned character who got into trouble by creating and using his own collectibles.

APRL Notes. How to Build a Masterpiece by Charles J. O’Brien III. The final architect on the new APRL shows how all the pieces came together to create this destination for scholarly research.

Stamp Classics. Belgium’s Second Commemorative Issue by Joseph Iredale. A late 19th-century international exhibition in Brussels prompted some new stamps, which were designed via a public art contest.

Worldwide in a Nutshell. Azerbaijan by Bob Lamb. Azerbaijan, a Turkish-speaking republic in the eastern Caucasus, created its first stamps in the wake of World War I but stopped for several decades.